Timber Decking Tiles

Timber Decking Tiles

Wallbarn supply top quality timber decking tiles that can be quickly & easily installed onto terraces, roofs and patios.

Our tiles can be used for a huge range of flat roof designs & can be used together with concrete slabs or natural stone.

A Large Variety of Wood

We use a large variety of both hardwoods & softwoods that will be able to satisfy almost any type of budget & installation. Our tiles have a large advantage because when installed they are free standing, meaning, should beneath the deck need to be inspected for any reason, our tiles are very easy to remove/replace without disrupting the whole area.

Environmental Issues

We believe very strongly that environmental issues must be addressed & therefore all of the timber that we use has been ethically sourced from sustainable Brazilian forests.

We only use timber that has been harvested from dedicated forests over a period of 30 years & all of our timber complies with IBAMA - The Brazilian Institute of Environment and Renewable Natural Resources - & comes with a certificate of origin before being exported.

Durable Timber

Timber Decking Support PadsThe timber that we use has been chosen not just because of its very high quality but specifically because of the high level of durability that it has & because of its attractive finish & longer than usual life span.

The 2 main types of timber that we use - The Ipe & The Cumaru - are absolutely ideal for the inclement weather that they will encounter in Britain. They are exceptionally tough, will not absorb water & will not become covered by either fungus or mildew.

Wallbarn offer all types of tile sizes, finishes & designs, as well supplying heavy duty tiles.

We can supply tiles with either diagonal designs or a mosaic design which can be installed in a regular straight line pattern or an increasingly popular chess board formation.

Because our timber is easy to shape, attractive edges & finishes can be applied by cutting it into shapes to fit around details and corners in a similar way to concrete slabs.

Border Trims

We also supply a variety of border trims to help cover edges & cavities that are under the tiles. These will come in the same timber as the tiles. They are screwed into the sides of the tiles; and as well as hiding the cavity and sight of the support pads, also help to secure the whole system together, preventing any one tile from moving. We also supply larger border edges if you feel they would be better to achieve the look you would like.