About Us

WallbarnWallbarn are specialists in manufacturing & supplying the top quality materials that are required to successfully install & maintain Green Roofs & Modular Green Roofs.

Green Roofs

Our range of Green Roof systems are ideal for balconies & similar sized areas whereas our Modular Green Roofs systems are better suited to a smaller area.

Modular Green Roofs

The Modular Green Roofs we offer are very popular with customers who prefer to install them personally rather than employing a professional to do it for them. We aim to help in this regard by ensuring that they are delivered as complete pre-grown units. This will mean that they are already well established & are strong & durable enough to withstand the crucial period after installation when they are at most risk from the elements.

At Wallbarn we aim to help provide you with the easiest way possible to install your Green Roof. The modules that we deliver are stacked vertically, making it much easier to crane them on to wherever you intend to install your Green Roof. We also use egg box shaped drainage sheeting to produce an air gap that will maintain all of the vegetation for anything up to 3 days before it is installed.

An Unrivalled Reputation

Since our company's inception we have established a reputation founded on the basis of providing fast & efficient deliveries at a very low & reasonable cost. This is backed up by the full level of technical support we offer to each & every customer.

As well supplying Green Roofs, we offer a wide range of the highest quality materials available for use in all types of flat roof finishes, waterproofing, filtration & soil stabilisation.