Timber Decking Support Pads

Timber Decking Support Pad With Slope CorrectorsTimber decking tiles are usually laid in the same way as regular concrete paving slabs, but by using Wallbarn’s range of support pads, they allow rainwater to drain underneath and between the slabs and then into an appropriate outlet.

Wallbarn have successfully developed a full range of both flat headed & joist headed support pads that have been designed especially with timber decking in mind. The support pads help to ensure that none of the wood comes into contact with a constant level of standing water, therefore the chances of rotting & serious deterioration to the timber decking is greatly reduced.

Easy To Fit

Because of the ease with which they can be fitted, the support pads are particularly cost effective as they can be quite easily fitted rather than you having to employ potentially far more expensive sub-contracting carpenters.

One of the major plus points of using our support pads is that unlike when joists are laid onto concrete or metal blocks, by using Wallbarn support pads installers can be sure that the very important waterproof layer below has no risk of damage.

To eliminate the risk of timber joints bouncing & overloading, we strongly recommend that support pads are placed at an absolute maximum of 600mm apart.

Also because Wallbarn support pads are a standardised design, the ability to create attractive areas quickly & easily is greatly increased because applicators are able to lay timber decking and paving using the same type of products.

Easy to Flatten an Unlevel Surface

Our support pads can also be used in conjunction with slope correctors to ensure that you have completely flat, stable decking. The wedge shaped slope correctors ensure that gravity is directly vertical by being clipped into the base plate and making sure that the slabs do not rock or tilt as the slope is corrected at the bottom, therefore guaranteeing the top of the pad is totally flat.

Because we can supply both flat-headed and joist-headed support pads, the use of our support pads enables a high degree of flexibility for you when installing them.